Company Overview
By concentrating its activities on promotion of chemical industry, Miwon will grow as the most reliable
 and innovative company who provides the solution and value to the clients.
Miwon Commercial Co., Ltd. has been a chemical manufacturing company with the history for more than half century since its establishment in 1959. Started with manufacturing of the basic chemicals like sulfuric acid and sulfur powders, and through the continued investment in R & D, Miwon has developed and commercialized many kinds of high value added fine-chemical products such as surfactants, photosensitizers, UV stabilizers and anti-oxidants. Afterwards, by splitting off two divisions into Miwon Specialty Chemical in Feb. 2009 and Miwon Chemicals in Jan. 2011 respectively, Miwon Commercial has become a more flexible and responsible company responding to the requirements of its clients and the changes of global environmental situations.
After concentrating its own way to the chemical industry more than half century, Miwon Commercial is currently widening and positioning its activities to the global market as a renowned fine chemical company. It will further pursue to be a solution provider to the clients and continuously extend its investment on R & D activities to meet the rapidly changing market requirements. By focusing on R & D activities, it will develop a fascinated new products in a timely manner and contribute to the client’s success with high quality oriented and economic approach.
We wish you enjoy joining Miwon's future growing and productive challenge. By working with us together, we believe it will eventually contribute to the promotion of human welfare and make the better life.
Thank you
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