Business Overview
Miwon has only served on the chemical industry over the last half of a century.
Miwon Commercial Co., Ltd. has been established in 1959, in the beginning stage of domestic chemical industry, started with manufacturing basic chemicals such as sulfuric acid and sulfur powder. Through continuing investment in R&D, Miwon commercialized high value-added fine chemical products such as surfactants, photosensitizers, UV stabilizers and anti-oxidants. Now Miwon is leaping as a fine chemical company in the global market on the basis of our accumulated technologies.

Miwon business consists of three - Personal care Ingredients Business Unit(PIBU), Electronic Chemicals Business Unit(ECBU), and Polymer Additives Business Unit(PABU).

PIBU manufactures and supplies core ingredients for cosmetics such as surfactants and polymers. We expect significant achievements in the market with recently developed active peptide ingredients.

ECBU has manufactures and supplies core chemical materials for electronics such as display (LCD, PDP, OLED), semiconductors, secondary batteries. Since we initially developed photosensitizers in 1990s, we’ve commercialized photosensitizers used in semiconductors, polymers used in display and semiconductors, and chemical additives for secondary batteries. We’ve supplied these chemicals to domestic and international market.

FCBU develops and supplies functional resins which are used as raw materials for PCB that is components of electronic devices, specialized oligomers which are used as a co-monomer in polycarbonate polymerization, and high-refractive monomers used in optical films for display and other applications requiring high-refractive property.

PABU is related with Asia Stabilizers Co. in Pyongtaek, Korea, established by a joint venture between Miwon and Addivant, where manufactures anti-oxidants and UV stabilizers.

LSBU manufactures and supplies various lens monomers and polythiols used in transparent materials, and global sales is increasing due to high refractive index and clarity compared to conventional transparent materials.  
Corporate Name
         Miwon Commercial Co., Ltd.
         464, Anyang-ro, Manan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
         03 NOV, 1959
Executive Officers
         Chairman Chang-shik Hong and President EUNG JU SON
         Listed at Korea Stock Exchange Market (1989)
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