R&D Center
Research and development activities have always played a prominent role at Miwon. Thanks to innovation and the constant renewal of our products, our company has become one of the leading chemical companies in the world. Our R&D center, under the vision of “To lead Miwon’s future business by creating new products and innovative technology”, is actively researching on the area of electronic materials and information technology, personal care ingredients and active peptide ingredients.
Our R&D possesses extensive operational and technical knowledge and long experience, gained over decades of successful launching of most of our current product lines, starting from lab research to commercial production through pilot study.
Our R&D is running with the Stage & Gate System for new product development in order to increase the probability of success. People in our R&D have full responsibility from early stage ideas and collaboration with business units to late stage production and commercialization. To encourage our product development, we have established a structure that enables us to support innovative activities to the maximum extent. We provide a comprehensive reward and incentive system for the success of product development and a complete support they need to fully implement their ideas. Currently, several researchers are enrolled in graduate program.
 R&D History
        Establishment of R&D Center in Ansan city
        Launched Antioxidants
        Launched Photosensitizers for printing industry
        Launched Polymer resins for hair care industry
        Launched Rubber additives
        Launched photosensitizers for semiconductor industry
        Launched acryl binders for display industry
        Launched ArF polymer for semiconductor industry
        Launched Novolak resins
        Launched electrolyte materials for lithium ion battery
        Launched KrF polymer for semiconductor industry
        Launched siloxane materials for special polycarbonate
 R&D Structure

We have adopted flexible model to our R&D structure in order to respond promptly to changes in the business environment and to support our future business strategy. Currently, we have 2 labs and 5 different project based teams. A project based team is a temporary structure to which resources are assigned to work on a unique, complex but short-term project and can have several sub-teams. After completion of a project, each team is disassembled and a different team is newly formed. Any researcher can have a chance to lead the team or work for more than one team depending on one’s ability and interest.
 Major Research Area
Material research for the electronics and information technology
With over 50 years of experience in organic and polymer synthesis, purification, process engineering and precision analysis, our research has been focused on the development of materials used in the display, photosensitizers used in P/R, base resins and special chemical additives for electronics.
We have already commercialized several photosensitizers such as G-line and I-line PAC used in TFT-LCD and P/R and Diazo chemicals for print industry. We have also launched several resins such as acryl binder resins for the display, resins for P/R and Novolak resins.
In order to respond to our customer’s needs promptly, we are developing next generation photosensitizers to allow high-resolution control and high performance resins. In addition, we concentrate on the research and development of chemicals used in LED- and OLED lighting and display.

Personal Care Ingredients
Our research in this field is focused on the development of not only surfactants for shampoos, hair conditioners, skin cleansing products and bar soaps but emollients for skin care products. Recently, we have launched successfully natural cellulose polymers for hair conditioner and natural polymeric ingredients based on Guar gum. We put our full concentration on the research and development of low-irritative and eco-friendly ingredients.

Transparent materials
Our technology to develop clear and transparent lens monomer enables us to make attempts to use our products for various purposes.
We have a wide range of polythiols, and customize our products for our customers.
The combination of poythiol with isocyanate or other hardners enable us to have high refractive index and clarity compared to conventional transparent materials.
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