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Electronic Chemicals BU
Miwon's Electronic chemicals business unit (ECBU) produces and supplies various electronic materials to the semiconductor and display industries such as LCD, OLED, Li-ion batteries and printing industries.
With over 50 years of experience in synthesis, purification and process engineering, we have produced a large number of high technology-oriented chemicals and set up high standard of analysis and quality control systems to comply with the strict requirements of electronic products.

In addition, since the mid-1990s, we have applied manufacturing facilities with cleanroom systems for ultra-high purity chemicals. At Miwon, our R&D and technical experts have  profound knowledge of our customer's needs and technological requirements to ensure our customer satisfaction.

ECBU's highly qualified teams are comprised of business, production, quality assurance and R&D teams that interact closely to provide excellent customer service, technical support and solutions to our customers. In addition, our experience and expertise in quality control and product management systems allow us to offer our customers a high level of comfort and confidence. Our R&D teams make every effort to develop new materials to lead the next generation technologies through technical trend analysis.

"Relentless research and development for new technologies, close cooperation with our customers and putting the customer first" are Miwon's core competencies which will lead to our present and future success, provide complete satisfaction for our valuable customers, and consolidate our position as a leading global supplier. 

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